EYES: 100 years ago professor Hauser considered honey as an excellent therapeutic agent in eye burns. Today after a doctor’s advice can be used as a treatment for eyes diseases.
Stomach disorders: limits the secretion of gastric juice and reduces stomach ulcer.

LIVER: the glucose contained in honey increases the reserves of glycogen in the liver and helps increase the body’s resistance to inflections.

KIDNEY: honey, due to the glucose contributes to the quick elimination from the blood and tissues of many waste materials. It has diuretic action and thanks to its antiseptic properties reduces the bacteria in urinary blabber.

HEART: heart, working constantly always needs energy in the form of glucose. Honey contains glucose and therefore refreshes heart.

COLDS: in ancient times was known as honey puffs. Its content of vitamin C helps prevent colds.

SKIN: Local application on wounded skin stimulates the growth and division of cells and enhances skin’s reconstruction

INSOMNIA: a full spoon of honey in a glass of warm water. The miraculous glucose again, and not only, calms and relaxes the whole body.


LONGEVITY: Doctors agree that honey is a factor in longevity. (The ancients philosophers, like Pythagoras, Democritus and others lived until deep old age and it is no surprising that honey was an essential element of their diet.)

METABOLISM: honey is recommended against obesity that caused by bad metabolism, hyperiusulinism and water retention in tissues.

SPORTS: in ancient times, before getting in the tract athletes consumed honey in order to rejuvenate their body. Nowadays it is a key element in the diet of athletes and gymnasts.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Due to its content in hydrogen peroxide, acid and high concentration of glucose, honey is a great antiseptic and germicid